Celebrate the new!

As September rolls along, I am excited to kick off my 12th year in business with all kinds of new things in place! It's certainly making for an exciting start to our Palm Beach 2024 season!

Last week my new website launched. I love the clean, streamlined look, and I'm thrilled that I can showcase more of the beautiful images that I've had the honor of taking recently. Along with the new website, I have a whole new client management system rolling out. As my business has grown, it's been a challenge to keep up with all that boring office stuff that us creatives don't love. Thankfully this new system will help to streamline some processes and provide clients with more relevant information in a more timely fashion. In the coming weeks all my contracts, questionnaires, and other important tools will be customized and automated for my clients. I can't wait for everyone to experience a whole new level of customer service!

As part of this website launch, I now have a beautiful, new blog to highlight fun projects, to share the work of some of my incredible nonprofit clients, and to build a great new Coastal Click Community. I think it's going to be a wonderful way to get to know me a little better too! I know the world could certainly use a little more joy, and hopefully sharing more cute moments and beautiful photos will spread a little more of that joy.

Also newly launched this past month is the all NEW Coastal Click Booth! My super cute stand-alone photobooth has a cool, nautical look and is very easy to use. I've wanted a photobooth for a long time and patiently waited for the right one to cross my path. It's been fun watching clients interact with it at recent parties and events! You can learn more about it by clicking on the "Coastal Click Booth" tab on my website.

Friends from Creative Mornings Palm Beach enjoying The Coastal Click Booth

I can't wait for everyone to experience all these new things! 2024 is going to be really fantastic and hopefully a little more organized. I've already had many of my repeat clients send me their 2024 calendars so I know it's going to be a brisk season!

Thank you all for your continued support, for sending your friends and family to me, and for always cheering me on!

~ kelly